Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starten on Wensday the 29th i will be at Bayfront Medical Center 701 6th St. S. Saint Petersburg, FL 33701. my surgery is at 7:30 am

Hospital main Phone 727-823-1234

Cell phone- 727-515-4990

so give me a buzz if you alike

Friday, July 17, 2009

We may be getten a new game plan going

i have a friend who is 16 and she has eds and we are good friend of the family and her mom told us to call and to find out about something called (Palliative care) this is something that hospice offers !! Yes i said hospice but that is not just a place you go to died they can help you with dealen with pain and for people like us that may just what we need ,they help you live your life better .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A long painful road ahead for me !

Well today started out like any other day for me and well that mean pain and more doctor appt's . well mom and i made a early moring run because i had to drop a gift off to a friends little girl at All childrens hospital ! well i was inside the store and i bent over then it happended part of my intestiens got twisted up in to one of my hernia's . Oh my god the pain was so bad i thought i was going to die the pain shot through me and in to my back , I could not sit stand or anything.

I got into the car and mom knew right then what was wrong i called the doctor and they told me to go to the ER even though i had only 1 hour before my appt. So mom ran me down to the hosptial and then she went next door to all childrens to drop off the gift. So i was in with the nurse at the er and this lady was just plane nasty to me she said ( well if you have a doctor appt in one hour why are you here !!!) I told her i called the doctor and he told me to come right down . Well after said was nasty to be i got up out of the wheel chair and said them to for get it because i did not need this crap right now.

So one of the men to take people to and from the hospital to their cars came and got me and mom looked at me i told her to forget it and so we called the doctors office and they said just to come down. So we got there i was not even in the door and one of the nurse came out and said come on back! So my doctor who is Dr. Huguet came in and told me that this has to be taken care of now !!

So i am going in for surgery on wesday the 29th of this month to have my hernia's fixed so that is my update for right now !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Some update

Things have been a little hard for me from june up to now. I went and saw my pcp (main doctor) last week and he asked me about my pain in my stoumach and i told him its not that bad but i am haven bad crampen and alot of gas and i have not clue why??? So he is senden me back to the doctor who took out my GB to see if he can help with my tummy!
Heart wise i am going ok i don't have to go back to All Childrens heart clinic till the fall which is a nice break for me i mean i love my doctors there but not this much lol!! But DR. Martinze is keepen a close eye on my heart and my PVS to make sure it dose not get out of hand!
Eye wise DR.Hess said that my eyes are ok and he can't find any thing to do with eds in my eyes which is good .
The bad news time. I am haven alot more pain and joint problems and my left knee is action up agian this is the same one i hurt 2 year's ago when i fell.Also i have to get 4 teeth pulled because the eds is maken my teeth very thine and they hurt so this happends on the 23rd of this month Can you say (ALOT OF PAIN OH GOD NOT LOOK TO THIS )!!!!!!!!
Now for the big trip in the fall i am going to go back to USF Medcial center and going to be Re-typed for EDS to make sure there is nothing funny going on i go there in november on the 7th i think .
Oh Mom and i are going to be interviewed by fox 13 news same time soon and its goign to be a thing on EDS . I took to on myself and wrote to the doctor who has a spot on the news and she said it would be a great ieda to do a show on eds. Not sure when it will happen but i will post when i know .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

On T.V.

Big news my mom and i called the local news channel and they are going to do a story with mom and i about eds !! I don't know why it will be but i will update as soon as i know something

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The worse friend!!

I feel like i have let so many of my eds friends down because i have not been able to be there for them and i feel very bad because of this . My health is going down hill i have 4 more doc appts this month still no pain doc appt. I have to get 4 teeth pulled because of the eds and then i have to go see a doc about my tummy for more surgery!!

To all my EDS FRIENDS i am so so sorry i have not been there for you . i am just really fighten to get up everyday.