Sunday, January 3, 2010

You can't trust family and more !

For those of you who know me know that i have 5 step slibbing's and all HELL has broken out here . Last month i saw that one if them was posting very hurtful things on her facebook page like ( I am so sick of hearing someone talking about how hard their life is and she is not doing anything to make it better.) and ( Well if this persson would get off their butt and try to find a job that may help) . Well i though she was talken about one of her sisters but when i sent her a email and she never wrote me back i knew it was about me. Later that night my dad called her and asked what was going on and she told dad to tell me to stop posting thing's about how i am doing and feeling that she was sick of reading stuff that i post,

Well i was in the room with dad when he called her and he told her not to read my posting's if she didnot like reading what i posted. So a few hours past then i get a text sayen ( you always have to go running to dad don't you ! well i am blocken you from my page.) i texted her back and said fine i never want to talk to you again.

So that brings me today mom dad and i were sitting in the livingroom talken an dad sliped and said some thing well my bitch of a sister told him that i was ( maken all of the stuff that is wrong with me up , that i am a druge seeker and that not telling the truth ect.)_ So i hope to hell she is happy because i will never talk to her again !!! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY BITCH!!!