Monday, March 30, 2009


Well my day has come and i have finally won my S,S case !!! I can't belive it ! it's been 6 years and now i am soo happy . I will be able to go to doctors that i need to see have my med's all paid for . so i am just happy . i know this is short but i have the flu and i am back off to bed ..

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well i got to ach at 9:30 am and i got checked in to the heart clinc and they did my EKG and stuff but when it came to my Bp amd heart rate we had a big scare. My Bp was 160/100 that is very bad and my heart rate was 105 so they did it two times and it was the same so they put me in a room and then doctor martinze came in and asked how i was feeling . I told him i was feeling very rundown my chest was hurten and stuff and then he saw what i chart said ! I though the poor man was going to hite the floor he said your bp has never been this high . so he went and got the nurse and he said your not leaven yet we have some stuff to do .So i had to go to 3north on the other side of the builden and get labs and a chest x-ray STAT !! well i got them done and half way back to the office i got a very bad headach and so when i told the girls i was back i just layed down on the row of chairs and then they took my Bp agian and it was 158/90 heart rate 96. so the nurse told me to lay on the table and she turned out the light for me . Dr. martinze and Dr. F came in and talked with me and all my labs were ok but one my infulmation (sp) one was high so i am now on mobic for the chest pain and i just now got off the phone with the on call doc because my Bp is back up agian so i have a feeling i will be back at ACH on monday !! Oh and i am on a 24 hour heart montior till then too .. fun fun !!