Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry took so long

Hey everyone sorry its taken me so long to repost but i have been haven a hard time . I have been in so much pain that i have been in bed for the past 3 days and i spent my birthday in so much pain i couldnot endjoy it . But i have been getten my headachs back so i have been so druges up and nothing is helpen . I called my doctor this moring and told the nurse that i want the number to the pain clinic .

So i hope he calls soon because i can't take much more of this pain. I have not been sleepen much at all and if i do fall asleep its only for like 1-2 hours. so i just wanted to pop in . My mom found a good way to help my dry mouth she got a snow cone maker from walmart and its been very handy

will but date agian soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stuff commen up !!

Sorry i have not posted more but i was in the hospital for 4 days last week !! i called my doctor because i have been more stomach pain and it was not leten up. So he told me that if got any worse to go down to the Er and mom and i said ok. So on June 2nd my uncle and mom ended up taken me down i was in really bad shape i could not walk , stand ,sit , or for that matter lay down .

So we got to the er and they started a I.V. can gave me some pain meds and then the doctor order a C.T. scan and x-rays with all the info in hand the doctor came back to the room and told My mother and i that i was not going home . My mom and i just looked at each other and we said why ?? The doctor said you have a Intestinal obstruction !! I just sat there with a look on my face that said WTF!!! she told us that my intestinal track was twisted up around my colon.

So my mom went home with my uncle and i was taken upstairs to my room and they have me on just I.V. fluids and NOP ( nothing by mouth) it was like that for 2 dayz and i was so druged up because i was in so much pain. Well around 5:30pm i geuss it became untwisted because i felt soo much better and i was able to use the bathroom !!

So my doctor come in around 10:30 pm that night and asked how i was feeling i said well a lot better but i am still very sore. With out missen a beat he said you will be for a few dayz .

Well i have not been out for a week and mom had to take me back to the ER on Monday because it happened agian and this time i had to drink four glasses of contrast ( that stuff is nasty ) and it was twisted agian and so they gave me some meds i can't rember what it was but it untwisted it so..

That is what is going on i do to my doctor in the am to see what the plan is