Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carzy Life....

Oh my god i feel like i have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off !!!! Between doctors , Er trips and more. Mom had to take me to the er last weekend because i was doubled over in pain becuase my stoumch was hurten so bad and we have found out that i have a ulcer..
So i have to stop taken some of my meds because they will make the ulcer worse but at the same time they are some of the meds that keep me going and that help with my pain. On top of that i am still waiten to get my new health card from S.S.. because my pcp wants me to see a stoumch doc and the health incs. i have now will not cover it so i am in hell so in the mean time my doctor gave me some thing called (carafate 1 mg) to help coat my stoumch and gi tracki have to take this before every meal and at night. and i was put back on (zantca 150mg ) two times a day.

My pain is getten worse and i need to see a pain doc which i will start next month i hope i have found one that will take me and he seems nice and he said he will do what he can to help me cope with the pain from the EDS, FIBRO, so that is nice to have a doctor like that . there has been talk about putten a med port in me so when i am in alot of pain they can just inject the meds but i will all so be on pain pills. and i will be going back to USF for more testing and to be retyped for EDS. because we know i have type 3 with type 4 overlay but my doctor and heart doctor want to make sure there is nothing els going on.

I am still able to walk (knock on wood ) becuase i have a lot of friends with EDS and its really i hate to use the word but its crippled them . I do use my cane and stuff alot more then i use to and i use the eleciitc carts at the stores.

well that is all for now ..
huges to all my friends..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New heart problem....

Well i went to the heart doc yesterday for my bp check and for my pvc's. I have been feeling very run down and tried lately so my heart doc did a ekg and bp on me and then i was called into his office. My heart doctor is one of the nicest men in the world he cares so much about me and all of this other clinic kids and adults.

Well anyways i found out i have some thing called ( Pulmonary Valve Stenosis) this is when the valve opens to let blood flow from the right ventricla to the lungs is narrowing . In my case its not very bad right now which is good but if it gets worse they will have to do one of two things and others are 1. a heart cath .or 2, heart surgery agian soo well will just have to wait and see what happends .

But about my pvc's these are extra heart beats and it gets very boredsome to me so i have to wear a loop heart monitor till may 7th . I can take is one off and on for showers and stuff so . Dr. M said he is going to wait and see what comes up before he dose anything he said we may end up putten me on heart meds for it so . that is the update for now .

Oh and i am sick agian soo that is all

bye for now