Monday, September 21, 2009

Yay and new doctor that can HELP !! WRONG!!!!!!

Well today was the day i would see if this new doctor could help . Well my appointment was at 3:15 and mom and i got lost going to the office when we got there its was 3:45. and the girls in the front were very nice and they said it was not problem. so i did the paper work and then we were showen to a room and we were only in it for maybe 5 minute's if that before the doctor came in ! I was like wow that was fast. so he came in and asked us what was going on i told about how i was haven a horriable time with typen moven my fingers and how they would slip out of joint..

Then came the question very one who was EDS had been asked !! DO YOU KNOW WHY THIS IS GOING ON ?????? I proudly said yes i said i have Ehlers ~Danlos Syndrome!! The doctor looked at me then at my mom and said in such plane word's OH!!! He said he has never heard of anyone haven EDS nor has he treated some with it !!!

My high hopes went down the sink like my sprite did 2 minute's before he came in. Any ways he asked me to show him my hand's and i said ok hopen that he would not kill them . Here are some photo's of what he asked me to do.

He had me pull my thumb back on both hand's to see how far they could go!! upper is (left hand)

here is the (left hand)

hand layed out flat finger's hyper flexed!!

Well if all that was not bad enough he started tryen to pull my fingers out of their joint's so he is pushen and pullen and bending my finger's every way they could go. He then said well i don't think your finger's have ever popped out because i can't MAKE THEM POPPOUT OF ALINEMENT!!!! My mom's jaw dropped i said well they do popout just because you can't pull them out dose not mean they don't .

So then i asked him about the ring splint's for them and he said well you can't wear splint's on all your finger's or all the time. So long story short i am not going back to him and i am going to have to find another way to get my ring splint's . Below are how my hand's looked when i got home ..