Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's time to welcome a new year.

Well thank god that 2009 is almost done!!!! This has been a very hard year for many people in my family and our friend's . Mom and i have been haven alot of health problem's and i need more surgery back in july and thank's to this world's health care system i almost lost my life . But i am still the care taker for both my mom and dad and i have to also have to take care of myself.

But something's have gone well i have gotten a pain mangment doctor to help me with this chronic pain from the EDS, FIBRO, CFS . he changed my pain pill's and changed my other pain med's and it seem's to be helping and i hope i can keep it under wrap's . I also have manged to get my headache under wrap's but some thing is telling me i will need to call my doctor because i have been getting small headache's.

But all and all i hope 2010 is a better year.

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